Our School

“At Queen of Peace, we value our rich religious traditions and culture. We provide opportunities for our children and their families to celebrate our Catholic heritage, in many different sacramental and non-sacramental ways.”

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

It is my privilege to extend you a warm welcome to Queen of Peace Parish Primary School, Altona Meadows. We hope that all who are associated with this school find it to be a pleasant environment where Gospel values are lived.

We especially welcome all families who are new to the school and/or new to the area and hope that you feel welcome in our community of Queen of Peace and will be able to look back on your time here with fond memories.

At Queen of Peace we strive to make these hopes a reality. We have a dedicated staff who with many years of experience are able to offer:

  • A welcoming, friendly atmosphere
  • A Gospel based approach to all that we do
  • Learning Communities based around a personalised learning environment
  • A caring and happy school, where all children are treated with respect
  • The chance for children to perform to the best of their ability

Queen of Peace is one of five Catholic Primary Schools in the Parish of Laverton. These schools form the Laverton Catholic Education Community (LCEC). The other schools in the Parish of Laverton are: St Martin de Porres School (Laverton), Lumen Christi (Point Cook), Stella Maris Primary School (Point Cook West) and St Mary of the Cross (Point Cook South). As LCEC, we share resources and educational opportunities which enhance the overall educational experience for children and staff in our schools.

As a Catholic school, our focus is on the faith development of our children and ensuring religion and the Gospel values are integrated into the curriculum and teaching of all learning areas. At Queen of Peace we implement a Faith Life Inquiry Approach which brings together the learning we do of our religion and faith with the learning we do of the world. We believe that children learn best when education in faith and life are connected to all learning.

At Queen of Peace, we value our rich religious traditions and culture. We provide opportunities for our children and their families to celebrate our Catholic heritage, in many different sacramental and non-sacramental ways.

We recognise that parents are the child’s first teacher and it is our aim to work in partnership with parents in the continuing education of the children. Together we can make a huge difference if we are on the same page. There will be many opportunities for us to work in these partnerships and strengthen the bonds of communication as well as involving you in the various learning experiences that will happen here at school.

As a school community, we look forward to joining with you in the educational journey of your child. We value your input and look forward to an open and honest dialogue over the years ahead.

We hope you enjoy your time at Queen of Peace Primary School and feel part of the community.

Darren Gibbons

Vision Statement

Queen of Peace is a learning community that is Christ centered, valuing Our Catholic Faith, The Human Person, Justice and the pursuit of Excellence

We are children of God journeying together in our relationship with Jesus, alive in our world

We all have talents and capabilities that are nurtured in an environment that respects the dignity and worth of the whole person.

We welcome all people into a peaceful environment that empowers them to become proactive members of our global community.

We respect all people, in an environment that is just and free from discrimination and inequality

We value opportunities for learning and reflection that challenge us to aspire to individual excellence.

Mission Statement

We are committed to:

  • providing opportunities for people to explore and ritualise their faith journey within the rich cultural and religious traditions of our community.
  • demonstrating collaborative, proactive and compassionate leadership.
  • providing an educational experience which develops attitudes and values that support a person through life.
  • working in partnership with families, recognising their rights and responsibilities in the education of their children.
  • recognising, celebrating and supporting individuals in their pursuit of excellence.
  • providing an environment that embraces change and encourages risk taking.
  • providing a comprehensive, inclusive and evolving curriculum that empowers students to engage actively in an ever-changing global society.


Queen of Peace school opened in 1982 under the name of Altona Bay Catholic School. The school began with an enrolment of 121 students. The enrolment grew by as many as 30-40 pupils in some years, peaking in 1998 at approximately 650 pupils. In 1987, the Registered Schools Board officially registered the school’s name as “Queen of Peace Parish Primary School.

The initial building, designed by Mr Paul Archibald, was not ready for occupancy at the beginning of 1982 so classes were held at St Martin de Porres Laverton for the first term. Since the initial stage of building in 1982 there have been a number of additions and minor renovations in 1988, 1998, 2006 and 2010.

From early 1982 to the end of 1992, the Queen of Peace School facilities were used as a Mass Centre. Mass was celebrated in the school itself. In 1987 two rooms were added to be used (mainly) as a Chapel until the Church was built. The first permanent place of worship for the Queen of Peace Catholic Community was constructed in 1992. Designed by Architects Jeff Sneath and Bridget King, the Church is one of the most outstanding and attractive buildings in the area.

In 2007, Queen of Peace celebrated 25 years of Catholic Education in Altona Meadows. An Anniversary Garden which connects the school to the church was constructed to commemorate this important milestone.

In 2016 a Peace Garden was developed in the area between the church and the school hall that was left vacant after the hall was built. This was a combined school and parish initiative and has given the community an outdoor space for prayer and contemplation.

Queen of Peace school is well appointed, well-resourced and able to tackle the challenges of providing a contemporary Catholic Education for the community of Altona Meadows.

School Principals:

Mr Alan Williams
1982 – 1987

Mr Basil Ryan
1988 – 2002

Mr Leon Colla
2003 – June 2013

Ms Anne Price (Acting)
July – December 2013

Mr Anthony Drill
2014 – 2017

Ms Anne Price (Acting)
September – December 2017

Mr Darren Gibbons
2018 –


Queen of Peace Primary School is located in Altona Meadows; a suburb in the west of Melbourne and is one of five Catholic schools, within the Parish of Laverton. The parish church is on site and is a visible focal point to all children and families. It provides a shared space for worship and the school is well supported and encouraged by the parish and assistant priests.

The schools in the parish work collaboratively to ensure the best possible models for Catholic education are provided for students. The principals of the five schools and the parish priest comprise the Laverton Catholic Education Community (LCEC), which meets regularly and has been operating for approximately thirteen years. This group has developed and implemented many shared initiatives including a consistent enrolment process for those who desire that their children attend one of the parish schools.

Queen of Peace Primary School opened in 1982 and in 2017 celebrated 35 years of Catholic education to the Altona Meadows community. In 2017 there were 62 teachers and support staff that cater for the needs of the children across 21 class groupings.

The total number of children enrolled at our February Census was 516. Of the 516 students, 94% were born in Australia. 87% of students are from Catholic or Orthodox families while 6.5% are from other religions. The remaining 6.5% are from families who do not associate with any religion. Queen of Peace has 24 children supported by the Students with Disabilities (SWD) funding. The school has a high English as an Additional Language (EAL) component with 37 different languages spoken at home. Over recent years the population demographic has changed from predominantly European to a greater mix of Asian and African nationalities.

The school is well resourced with eight portable classrooms and a permanent building which houses staff and administration facilities, library, computer room and a range of learning spaces. A separate building is used for music and visual arts and a large hall incorporates the canteen, office space and a multipurpose space with stage.

The school aims to provide curricula, co-curricular and extra curricular initiatives that enable a wide range of learning experiences to improve spiritual, academic, physical, and social and emotional outcomes. The school runs developmentally appropriate P – Year 6 on and off site camp programs including camp days for the Prep – Year 2 children. Classes have Italian, Phys Ed, Art and Music lessons on a rotational basis. Access to and use of a range of digital technologies ensure staff can plan collaboratively and effectively. Students also have access to up to date technologies from Prep to Year 6 to assist with their learning program. Levels of communication have been improved giving students, staff and parents greater and more immediate access to learning.


The Queen of Peace school site covers approximately 2.65 hectares. A permanent building houses staff and administration facilities, library, computer room, intervention rooms and fourteen learning spaces. Eight portable classrooms are arranged in a cluster and house a further 8 learning spaces. A separate building is used for an Arts Area with music and visual arts. A large hall was built during the BER to incorporate the canteen, office space and a multipurpose space with stage.

The Queen of Peace church is located on the same property as the school.

The playground is spacious and contains two adventure playgrounds for the children, a large sandpit, Children’s Garden for quiet play, a synthetic soccer pitch and AFL space. There is also a full size synthetic basketball court and a half size court. The area under the sails has tables for children to sit at.

A Capital Grant has been applied for to refurbish 9 of the learning areas, build a new Administration area, move the library and rationalise the circulation through the school.

We hope to be undertaking this work in 2018 – 2019.

Staff & Class Groups

The school is staffed by a highly dedicated group of people who strive to generate a strong sense of community and to provide quality catholic education for all the students.

Leaders / Coordinators
    Darren Gibbons Principal principal@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Anne Price Deputy Principal aprice@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Joanne Pearce Director Learning & Teaching jpearce@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Rose Gusman Director of Students rgusman@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Rita Arrigo Literacy Leader rarrigo@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Kevin Cronin ICT Leader kcronin@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Suzanne Gracias Religious Education Leader sgracias@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Josie Kirby Mathematics Leader jkirby@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Marisa Te Wellbeing Leader mte@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Belinda Bartolo Family Engagement in Learning Leader bbartolo@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au    
Classroom Teachers


Prep A Teacher Josie Kirby jkirby@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Laura Taylor ltaylor@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Prep B Teacher Annette Gauci agauci@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Gina Camilleri gcamilleri@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Prep C Teacher Dubravka Zahtilla dzahtilla@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au

Year 1

1A Teacher Jessica Torchia jtorchia@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 1B Teacher Margot O’Malley momalley@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Carmela Vezzoso cvezzoso@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 1C Teacher Gayle Fava gfava@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Carmela Vezzoso cvezzoso@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au

Year 2

2A Teacher Melissa Evgeniadis mevgeniadis@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Marisa Te mte@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 2B Teacher Naomi Rennie nrennie@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 2C Teacher Nicole Williams nwilliams@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Sally Marr sjamieson@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au

Year 3

3A Teacher Alicia Wilson awilson@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Mariah Johansson mjohansson@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 3B Teacher Karen Currie kcurrie@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 3C Teacher Kathryn Bassett kbassett@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Carolyn Grinter cgrinter@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au

Year 4

4A Teacher Peter Carlisle pcarlisle@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 4B Teacher Cameron Menadue cmenadue@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 4C Teacher Helen Power hpower@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Gina Camilleri gcamilleri@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au

Year 5

5A Teacher Helen McColl hmccoll@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 5B Teacher Belinda Bartolo bbartolo@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 5C Teacher Michelle Mamone mmamone@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au

Year 6

6A Teacher Natalie Enright nenright@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 6B Teacher Suzanne Gracias sgracias@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Marija Woods mwoods@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au 6C Teacher Loren O’Toole lotoole@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au    

Specialist Teachers
Christine Marshall Phys Ed Teacher cmarshall@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Maree Bracken Music Teacher mbracken@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Rose Theologou Senior LOTE Teacher rtheologou@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Rosa Favata Junior LOTE Teacher Librarian rfavata@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Sue Rigby Senior Visual Arts Teacher srigby@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Karen Seychell Reading Recovery kseychell@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Susie Gerraty Mathematics Intervention sgerraty@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au  
Learning Support Officers
Ruth Bonnici rbonnici@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Pauline Cassar pcassar@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Kerryn Quarrier kquarrier@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Kristen Doell kdoell@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Jenny Evans jevans@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Debbie Langham dlangham@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Kathleen Engelfield kengelfield@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Marisa Cogliandro mcogliandro@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Gabriella Marcok gmarcok@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Belinda Massarany bmassarany@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au  
Cathy Tutton Bursar ctutton@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Cathy Cutajar Reception & Admin ccutajar@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Sheralyn Chapman Office/Bursar schapman@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Samantha St Leon Reception & Admin sstleon@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Patricia Donaldson First Aid pdonaldson@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au  
School Service Officers
Fred DeBattista Maintenance / Cleaner Connie Biondino Cleaner cbiondino@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Antoinette Kelly Canteen Manager akelly@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au Leanne MacGibbon Uniform Shop Manager & Admin Assistant lmacgibbon@qopaltonameadows.catholic.edu.au  

Parish Information

The Parish of Laverton incorporates the Catholic Communities of Laverton, Altona Meadows and Point Cook.

The Parish of Laverton is a vibrant and growing community that from humble beginnings in 1968 with a church/school set up in Laverton has grown into a Parish with 3 Mass Centres, 5 Primary Schools and a co-ed Secondary College.

For more information about our parish please follow the link below.