Skoolbag App

Our School now has our own Skoolbag iPhone and Android App to help us communicate more effectively with our Parent/Student community.

We are asking parents to install our Skoolbag School App.

To install it, just search for our school name “Queen of Peace Primary School” in either the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.

OSH Club

Before and After School Care is provided by OSHclub on site at Queen of Peace Primary School

Children must be registered ‘on line’ to attend.

More information can be found by clicking this link OSHclub

Program contact no. 0421 287 254
Head Office 8564 9000


Cancellations to be made via SMS or email and not verbally without record.

SMS 0421 268 989

Parents & Friends

The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) provides a network for parents to participate in activities and decision making processes at Queen of Peace Parish Primary School. It works to benefit our children, the school and our community. Some of its many functions include:

  • supporting the school with social activities to help build community spirit.
  • helping the school financially by raising funds for specific/general purposes.
  • members helping to organise the school maintenance.
  • other roles and duties as the needs arise.

Meetings are usually held once a month on a Tuesday evening at 7.00pm. Dates are advertised in the weekly newsletter and the Parent Calendar. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you are interested to find out more about the QoP P&F, you can download and read the Constitution

If you would like to contact the P&F Executive Committee, please send an email to:

Executive Committee Members for 2017

Brendan Halloran

Vice President
Sharon Hobson

Liz Hanson

Carol Doloughlan and Donna Abu-Elias (sharing the role)

Fundraising Officer
Teresa Prismall

Social and Pastoral Officer
Bridget Halloran

Anthony Drill

Parish Priest
Father John Healy

Assisting Officers for 2017

Gardens and Grounds Assisting Officer
Justin Magro

Grants Applications Assisting Officer
David Prismall

Ordinary Members

(attended more than one General Meeting during 2017)

Maureen Puopolo

Rebecca Whelan

Belinda Nieuwesteeg

Kirsty O’Connor

Veronica Tucker

P&F social events

QoP Mums’ Movie Club

We are starting up a QOP Mums’ Movie Club, where members can suggest a movie that anyone in the club might like to see. Someone might email that they’re thinking of going to a particular movie at a particular date, time and location and would anyone like to join them. If you are interested in joining the club, please send an email to the P&F, including your full name, mobile phone number, and eldest child’s name and grade at QoP.

QoP Dads’ Social Group

We are starting up a QOP Dads’ Social Group, where members can suggest an activity that anyone in the club might like to do. If you are interested in joining the club, please send an email to the P&F, including your full name, mobile phone number, and eldest child’s name and grade at QoP.

Notes from the P&F

Monthly General Meetings

The P&F holds monthly General Meetings, chaired by the President or Vice-President, who are supported by a Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Officer, Social and Pastoral Officer and Gardens and Grounds Officer. Each of these Executive Committee Members, and all Ordinary Members, have the opportunity to attend the meetings and report on and/or discuss any pertinent issues.

Please note that all parents and carers at QoP are automatically Ordinary Members of the P&F, and your ideas, thoughts and opinions are valued. P&F meetings are a great forum to have an open, honest and considerate discussion between parents, carers and the leadership of the School.

Come along and meet some friends you haven’t met yet! You will also get the chance to have a chat to the Principal (Anthony) and the Executive Committee.

Refreshments will be available from shortly before and throughout the meeting, and we will do our best to be finished by 8:30pm, even though we have a big agenda to get through!

P&F Meeting minutes and agendas

Next Meeting

Next Meeting


General Meeting #08 2017 and Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 28th November 2017 at 7pm in the Staff room


Previous minutes and agendas 2017
Previous minutes and agendas 2016
General Meeting #09 2016 and Annual General Meeting






Principal’s Annual Report 2016

President’s Annual Report 2016

Treasurer’s Annual Report 2016

Fundraising Officer’s Annual Report 2016

Social and Pastoral Officer’s Annual Report 2016

General Meeting #08 2016



General Meeting #07 2016



General Meeting #06 2016



General Meeting #05 2016



General Meeting #04 2016



General Meeting #03 2016



General Meeting #02 2016



General Meeting #01 2016



Parent Teacher Online

PTO Online is a simple, convenient and secure system for booking parent teacher interviews, three way conferences or event sessions.

Parish Education Board


All children who attend Queen of Peace are required to wear the approved school uniform appropriately. This includes while on the way to and from school. The uniform should be worn neatly as it is an indication of pride in the school. Please refer to the School Uniform Policy.

Queen of Peace Uniform Shop is open Monday mornings from 8.30am. Other times will be arranged and communicated through our newsletter.

Uniform can be purchased at the shop or ordered through the office and orders will be filled when the Uniform Shop is next open.

Queen of Peace is a SunSmart school and all children are required to wear sunglasses and school hats from September to the end of April.

Parent Handbook


It is preferred that parents administer medication to their children however, from time to time children may require medication to be administered whilst at school. In accordance with the School’s Medication Procedure, a Medication Authorisation Form must be completed and signed by the parent prior to any medication being administered. All medication sent to school must be labelled, in its original packaging and brought directly to the office. All students requiring medication will be supervised by office staff or by the school nurse. Staff cannot administer any medication to children without written permission. Please print out and complete the attached two page form.